Language codes

The language code specifies the language (e.g. English) used by the endpoints. Languages are specified by their two letter ISO 639-1 code. In the future, there may also be different models for different text genres in a language. This code controls the language model(s) loaded by the underlying recognition engine.

Code Language Genre
en English Optimized for conversations and short emails, see details.


Returns a list of all the characters in a given language model.

Parameter Required Description Valid values Default
lang no Language code Language to use (see list) en


Configuration codes

The configuration code requests a specific recognition configuration for use with noisy input sequences (e.g. when using rec/taps). The default configuration should work well for most situations (e.g. word-at-a-time input). This code controls the values of configurable parameters used in the underlying recognition engine. Here are the other available configurations and the language(s) they are available in:

Code Available languages Description
sent-abbrev en Optimized for sentence-at-a-time input where users may omit mid-word vowels. Rescores n-best list with an RNNLM.