The primary purpose of this API is to provide word predictions and auto-correct suggestions to text entry interfaces. The API supports input via:

The API also supports a variety of other basic natural language processing (NLP) tasks, e.g. finding the most likely words in a sentence.

The documentation is organized into the following sections:

API version history:

Version Date Description
2.5 Jan 2021 Added distribution predictions.
2.4 Dec 2020 Deletion of keyboards after one hour of inactivity. Reorganization of documentation.
2.3 Sep 2020 Support for different decoder configurations and language models.
2.2 Sep 2020 Added ability to add keyboard, transform keyboard, and make predictions based on a tap sequence.
2.1 Apr 2020 Added future caching endpoints to mitigate latency impacts to user interfaces.
2.0 Mar 2020 Support for prefix, suffix, and substring in random word endpoint. Bug fixes to sort. Addition of character language model. Added log probability results to word prediction results.
1.0 Jun 2019 Initial version supporting basic natural language processing tasks. Designed to support mobile app development in a summer school for high school girls.